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The northern girl had a wild beauty, as he recalled, though however bright a torch might burn it could never match the rising sun.


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Pretty Face

Take a good look at me,
what do you see?

You consider me a work of art,
not for my intellect but for my features,
that you thank my mother for.
You glimpse at the surface, ignoring the interior;
you choose not to see the demons that lurk
underneath the pretty face.

When you talk to me,
are you surprised that
I can complete a coherent sentence
and properly explain my thoughts?
Isn’t it amazing that I can think like you?
We are similar in the capability of our minds,
yet we differ in how we apply our gifts;
I choose to create, you choose to destroy

When I confronted your unfair judgment,
you simply stared at me, seeming shocked.
Did you not think I would be able to speak up?
That I wouldn’t stand tall in the face of opposition;
that I didn’t have a voice?
I know you thought i was nothing more
than a delicate flower; easy to damage.

You honestly believed I was only a pretty face,
one who smiles and laughs, masking the real pain.
Little did you know I think, I breathe, I live like you;
we are very much the same.
Our gender makes no difference;
although I know that isn’t what you think.
You never allow yourself to see my intelligence
or the beauty behind the truths I utter right now.

Damn you and your assumptions
that are so obviously not accurate.
When will you ever learn that we are equals?
When will you learn there is so much more
to a pretty face?


via saramedinalind

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