When I see anti-HoMin fans say stuff like “JYJ is better as three, they were more important than the other two anyways. HoMin are brainwashed etc”, I want to slap you and slaughter your face. SO. BADLY

And then when I see anti-JYJ fans talk shit like “They’re stupid greedy pretty boys. They probably didn’t even tell the other two bout it”, I want to send you to a volcano and hang you over it by a rope. If not, possibly make you live a tortuous life .____________.

 No. Just no. Don’t do that.

If you bash on EITHER or ANY of them, and you DARE call yourself a Cassie, do not cry and complain when you get torn limb from limb verbally. The moment you dare call yourself a Cassie and then bash on any of Cassiopeia’s boys, you just signed your death sentence. 

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    This, right hurr, for all you bashers and antis.
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    I do not bash JYJ nor i do support them. and I’m shall call myself a Cassie.
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